Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things to bring-Malaysia

Things to bring
~Guards (all)
~Jacket for cold aircon at hotel room
~Plastic bag
~3 change of clothes and undergarment (and socks)
~Small loose ringgits (all group meals, lunch & dinner will be paid by mdm, but you may wish to bring some money to buy snacks, soveniors)
~swimming cap

NOTE: New Hotel FacilitySwimming Pool - 7am to 7pm; guests are requested to wear swimwear & swimming cap. Children below 10 yrs old must be accompanied by parents or adults.

Girlene mdm

Malaysia-Melaka tournament 2010

There will be a Change of hotel:

Formosa Garden Hotel
1103, Jalan Limbongan,
Klebang Kechil,75200 Melaka
Tel:06-286 6600, 286 6606
Fax:06-286 6608
* Air-Conditioner
* Water heater
* Drinking Water
* Television
* Complimentary Breakfast
* Free WIFI
* Arrange Laundry Service (need to pay on your own)
* Accept Credit Card
* 24 hours Reception Counter

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Map of Queen St Bus Terminal

Meeting place for 30Jul, Friday 12pm departure at Queen St Bus Terminal for Malaysia-Melaka Invitation Tournament.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Results of 3 & 4 Jul'10 Centralised Grading

The following are awarded with a pass:


1 Ang Shiyi Henry
2 Chai Song Lim
3 Chan Julian
4 Che Manli
5 Khoo Jin Yi
6 Kua Ee Feng
7 Lai Qiuling
8 Lai Sen Hui
9 Lee Di Sheng
10 Lee Guo Sheng
11 Lee Hui Erh Elaine
12 Lee Miao Qiao
13 Lee Miao Ying
14 Lee Xin Yan
15 Muhammad Afiq Bin Punangin
16 Pang Yuchan
17 Quek Chin
18 Shahidil Habil Bin Sahat
19 Soh Tuan Yao
20 Tan Sing Long Jasman
21 Tay Shiqi
22 Teo Meng Zhong
23 Teo Rui Lin
24 Ting Shuen Hsien Galton
25 Wang Jinying
26 Wang Zengyan
27 Yan Binghan
28 Zhang Shuai
29 Zhu Yayun

30 Chua Siang Ren
31 Gao Xiao Ting
32 Guo Xiu Bin
33 Ho Celine
34 Karthikeya Sankar Srepadmashiny
35 Poh Wee Yong
36 Soh Wan Ting Grace
37 Sun Hui Hui
38 Wang Zhu Hui
39 Aryan Dubey
40 Cheng Tai Shun Tyler
41 Leong Jun Wei
42 Peh Kong Loke Jet
43 Shahrukh Shafiq
44 Tan Jia Le Timothy

45 Lee Zhuo Heng
46 Loh Junren Jared
47 Neelotpal Baran Syam
48 Shettigar Amisha Kirankumar
49 Triboulet Johnathan

50 Angela Susan George
51 Anjali Elsa George
52 Ho Jun Yuen Ryan
53 Ho Xueling Michelle
54 Li Fusen
55 Madeline Rachel Cope
56 Ngan Zheng Yi
57 Ong Hwee Ju Joey
58 Ong Zhi Xian
59 Sean Michael Andriesz
60 Sim Chun You
61 Tayyibah Patel

62 Cha Shi Ya
63 Ho Kok Khong
64 Lee Wen Fa Johnny
65 Ryan David Andriesz
66 Snigdha Bhupathi Raju
67 Tan Yong Jun Matthew
68 Tham Sin Yee
69 Vishal Gulabari Samtani

70 Peh Kong Peng Justin
71 Tan Wei Xuan Xanthus

72 Chua Joshua Michael
73 Gan Qi Hui Genevieve
74 Lim Wei Hao Nicholas
75 Tan Jing Ying Xavier

76 Lam Guo Wei
77 Lim Jun Jie
78 Muthurazan Karthikeya Sankar Ranjane

79 Ching I Ting
80 Tshua Zhi Hao
81 Alex Teh
82 Catherine Ong
83 Wen Xin
84 Joel - Provisional pass

Congratulations to all!

Specially to the I Ting, ZhiHao, Alex, Catherine and Wenxin upgraded to Poom (Junior Black Belt) & Black Belt respectively!

Girlene mdm *\o/*

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Class cancelled in Aug10

9 Aug - Bayshore

A quick glance at year2010 Singapore Public Holidays For The Year 2010


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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hotel, transportation and tour fee S$250-Malaysia

We are pleased to finalise the cost as follows:

Cost for Supporter S$250 inclusive of
~SIN-MALACCA coach transport
~MALACCA-SIN coach transport
~Travel Insurance
~Welcome dinner
~Pack lunch on tournament day
~1day Tour & lunch
(@The Spinning Taming Sari tower fee is excluded)

Cost for Player
+ MCIS insurance from Malaysia S$6
+ S$37 * no. of events #
+ S$10 for 2 mini flag as a Sparring Player (one for self keep, one to be given to final opponent as sovernior)
+ S$5 for 1 mini flag as a Poomsae Player (one for self keep)

# We will use 1.5 as the exchange rate and will obtain the bank's receipt as proof before refunding you back the balance.

Friday 30th July 2010
12pm meet at Queen Street Bus Terminal for collation of passport and collection of bus tickets (bus departs at 1.30pm), go via Tuas checkpoint
5.30pm Hotel check in (5 star Hotel) 20 minute's drive to tournament ground
6.00 pm Team managers meeting
7.00 pm Welcoming dinner for all participants and officials

Saturday 31st July 2010
6.45am Breakfast
7.15am depart hotel
8.00 am Competition Start (Poomsae)
10.30 am Opening ceremony, demonstration and Poomsae medal ceremony
11.30 am Sparring competition
12.00-1.00 pm Lunch
1.00 pm Sparring competition continue
5.00 pm Sparring medal ceremony* Jonker walk night bazaar tour (will be confirmed)

9.00 am Melaka historic city tour to famous historical landmark. Durian cendol and famous chicken rice ball feast. Hang Li Poh's well where water will rise when coins is donated without overflowing the well. Muzeum's tour, Spinning tower tour@. Shopping in famous shopping centre.
5-7 pm Bus departs Melaka
9-11pm Reach Singapore

Change of hotel:
Formosa Garden Hotel
1103, Jalan Limbongan,
Klebang Kechil,75200 Melaka
Tel:06-286 6600, 286 6606
Fax:06-286 6608
* Air-Conditioner
* Water heater
* Drinking Water
* Television
* Complimentary Breakfast
* Free WIFI
* Arrange Laundry Service (need to pay on your own)
* Accept Credit Card
* 24 hours Reception Counter

Clubs escort before, during and after the competition will be provided.
Competition at:
SMJK Notre Dame located at Jalan Gajah Berang.

Girlene mdm

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tournament: National Tournament (Sep2010)

National Tournament has been postponed to:

Event Dates*
4 Sept 2010 (Sat) - 2 pm to 9pm
5 Sept 2010 (Sun) - 9.30am to 9pm
11 Sept 2010 (Sat) - 2 pm to 9pm
12 Sept 2010 (Sun) - 9.30am to 9pm

*Dates and venue are tentative as the SSC is unable to confirm the availability of the venue

Yishun Sports Hall

Deadline for submission of forms & $15
24 July 2010

Eligibility Grade
Based on July 2010 grading

  • Every participating team must provide the service of at least one referee each day. The referee may not be the same person.
  • Each affiliate is allowed to field in only one player per weight category per division.
  • Weigh-in shall be conducted on the competition day.
  • During weigh-in a player shall wear T-shirt & shorts.
  • Compulsory guards: head gear, trunk protector, forearm guard, shin guard, groin guard, gloves and mouth piece.

    More info & form:

    Girlene mdm

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Grading: Thank you, Black Belt!

It was an early cooling morning. Started with a little drizzling, but stopped almost at 9am.
We waited for most of the students to arrive and start off with stretching-by Benjamin.

The NYP carried on the tradition of going lunch as a big group, this time to MS Just Acia.

To All ZEN and NYP blackbelts who came down to Yishun Sports Hall to assist today.


We were requested in such a short notice to split our 80 students into 2 courts, thereby halving our blackbelts strength in each court. We managed to pull off and end the grading in a reasonable's time.

Thank you, the grading won't end so smoothly without your assistance. Great job!

Girlene mdm