Monday, August 31, 2009

Ivan Mok representing Singapore in Deaflympics 2009 in Taipei

21st Summer Deaflympics Taipei 2009
Venue : National Taipei University of Education Gymnasium Date : 6-9 September 2009

Player: Ivan Mok You Qiang
(Hearing challenged student representing SINGAPORE
Playing for MENS under 58kg on 6 Sep'09)

Coach: Brian Peh
(Hearing coach)

Both will be departing from Singapore on 3 Sep, Thu, meeting time 7.45am Changi Airport, T1.

They will be back in Singapore on 11 Sep, Fri, 8.45pm T1.
(Geraldine Koh and Girlene Tan will be flying on 4 Sep'09 to show their support.)

For more details:

We sincerely wish Ivan Mok all the best to his endeavours!

Girlene mdm

Thank you & farewell dinner for NYP crucial committee 2009

We sincerely wish them all the best to their future endeavours and hope that they will remain as alumni after they graduate.

Love, Girlene mdm

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 2 National Tournament 2009

Day 1 achievements:
1 Gold:
Alex Teh

1 Bronze:
Ching I-Lok

Accumulative medals:
2 Gold
1 Silver
3 Bronze

Impromptu dinner with players after matches

Happen to keep bumping into players, decide to just join them for their dinner plans!

Which would you like?

I chose that first!

Finally settled down for food!

Parents eating at ease in another table
More photo in facebook

Guest with a special appearance, thanks Peiqi!

Girlene mdm

Day 1 National Tournament 2009

Day 1 achievements:

1 Gold:
Yap Teng Chung

1 Silver:
Ching I-Ting

2 Bronze:
Yap Teng Chiong
Marcus Wan

Accumulative medals:
1 Gold
1 Silver
2 Bronze

More photo in facebook

Classes cancelled in Year 2009

01 Sep - NYP (class resumes 4Sep)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Courses / Seminars : Be Prepared for Your Next Grading

Date: Sunday 13 September 2009

Time: 2 pm to 5pm (for participants below 15 years old) 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm (for participants above 15 years old)

Dress Code: ‘Dobok’

Certification: Certificate of Participation

Fee: $30

Closing Date:Friday 11 September 2009

The workshop is open to red belts (senior and junior), poom belts and black belts.

The primary objective of the course is to point out to participants their performance flaws and the areas they should work on from the examiners’ perspective. This will give the candidates a better chance of passing.

If you are interested, please inform Brian Sir.

All candidates who have attended the course are reminded to submit a copy of the certificate of participation with their grading applications. This is necessary for the examiners to give them special consideration, if required.

registration form :

More info:

Friday, August 28, 2009

Colour belt grading 04 Oct'09 & Black Belt Grading 03 Oct'09 (Fees & Document due 5 Sep)

By 5 Sep'09, all documents and grading fees should have been paid to your instructor.

Students with more than 3 absent from main class are not allowed to go for grading. This ruling has been announced & explained in early Jan09, and is supported by STF.

Please also note the change in location for October 09 - Toa Payoh Sports Hall.

Please note the next grading date and venue. The exact time will be announced later.
Colour belts centralised grading 04 Oct
Stay tuned for the exact meeting time. The grading is estimated to last 2 hours.

Brown-2, above 15 years old, going for black belt grading 03 Oct

For ALL candidates who are going for Brown 1 & above, please have the following documents during submission:

a. 1 photocopy of the candidate’s Identity Card (front & back) / Birth Certificate (for candidate below age of 12)
b. 2 recent IC / passport photographs of the candidate
c. Form B (duly completed)

The last day of submission is on 05 Sept 2009 (SAT). Any submission after this date will be considered as LATE SUBMISSION.

6. Late submissions for candidates taking Brown 1 & above are to be done within two (2) weeks from 15 Sept 2009 (Tuesday). Submission beyond the grace period of two (2) weeks WILL NOT be accepted. An administrative fee will be charged accordingly for late submission. The charges are as follows:

Period of Late Submission
Administrative Fee Chargeable
1st subsequent week from last day of submission
(15 Sept 2009 – 21 Sept 2009)
SGD 10.00
2nd subsequent week from last day of submission
(22 Sept 2009 – 28 Sept 2009)
50% of the grading fee payable by candidates for their respective grades.

An administrative fee of SGD 5.00 will be charged for late submission of candidates taking all other grades except Brown 1 & above.

A roll call will be taken at 1.30pm for Brown 1 (Senior) candidates going for 1st dan and 2.30pm for 1st dan , 1st poom and higher candidates. Those who miss the roll call will be considered as ABSENT or LATECOMERS. Latecomers will not be graded.

More info:

Final National Tournament fixtures on stf web 2009

Schedule and fixtures for the 36th National Pesta Sukan Taekwondo Championships 2009 are attached:

More info:

Monday, August 24, 2009

National Tournament timing

Based on the boutlist, the estimated ending time is as follows:
29 Aug : 2pm to 6pm ($5 meals / head 3pm)
30 Aug: 10am to 3pm ($5 meals / head :10am & 3pm)
In the event of any unforeseeable circumstances, the timing may change.

Pls pay$10 for the registration fees & $5 for the meal on that day to Brian Sir at least 1 day in advance.

Girlene mdm

Helpers required at National Tournament 29, 30 Aug & 5, 6 Sep'09

Zen requires at least 4 zenders aged 15 and above who can commit all 4 days to help out. NYP, please give your name to Wenxin. Zenders, please give your name to Winnie.

1. Take note of announcement, calling of bout number
2. Inform fighters to report
3. Find coaches to coach fighters
4. Take note of score
5. Video-taking
6. Distribute food

The others, please come and support your peers. Cheerleaders and supporters are just as important to make this event unforgettable!

Girlene mdm

Sunday, August 23, 2009

SADEAF Flag day - 5 Sep 09 (sign up)

These are the zenders who have signed up the flag day as helpers.
1. Raymond Yap
2. Jaslin Ng
3. Yap Teng Chong
4.Yap Teng chung
5. Gerick Koh
6. Gerald Koh
7. Frankie Koh
8. Jessica Lee
9. Daryl Ang
10. Darren Ang
11.Ching I Lok
12. Kevin Lee
13. Nam Yee Xuan
14. Alex Teh
15. Wan Din
16. Sim Chai Lin
17. Catherine
18. Ko Wenxin
19. Michelle Ho
20. Sandy
21. Joe
22. Bryan

23. Fusen

Boon Lay
24. Lim Jun Jie
25 Su kheng

Pls keep up the ZEN spirit...

Brian Sir

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Results of 5 Jul'09 Centralised Grading

The following are awarded with a pass:

Angela Susan George
Anjali Elsa George
Aryan Dhar
Che Catherine
Ching Garry
Cho Hui Qi Connie
Chong Lih Jiun
Chong Wai Ying
Dong Yinling
Frazer James Parker
Ho Jun Yuen Ryan
Ho Kok Khong
Ho Xueling Michelle
Hong Li Ping
Koh Frankie
Koh Kai Wei
Koh Puay Hiang Geraldine
Lee Cheryl
Lee Jessica
Lee Poh Kim
Lee Wen Fa Johnny
Li Fusen
Li Jie
Lim Dao Siong Lionel
Loh Junren Jared
Low Aik Keong
Lu Mei Jiao
Madeline Rachel Cope
Mie Mie Ashley
Mok Cheok Wah
Muhammad Alif Bin Amir
Muhd Sufyan Bin Sulaiman
Neo Boon Hao Nicholas
Ngan Zheng Yi
Ngui Yu Shan Bryan
Nurul Amirah Binte Md Ayob
Ong Hwee Ju Joey
Ong Zhi Xian
Seah Xin Yi
Shang Qiushi
Shettigar Amisha Kirankumar
Shum Gloria
Sim Chun You
Siti Farhana Bte Abdul Halik
Su Yi Jia
Sun Hui Hui
Tham Sin Yee
Wang Zhi Hui
Cha Shi Ya
Ryan David Andriesz
Sayyaparaju Gautham Sai
Sayyaparaju Vivek Teja
Sean Michael Andriesz
Aditya Marin Gasga
Lin Meng Ting
Peh Kong Peng Justin
Abdillah Hafiz
Aung Phyo Kyaw
Chong Wei Ting
Lim Wenhao Nicholas
Nurul Syahirah
Cheiw Su Kheng
Gan Qi Hui Genevieve
Kon Yu Min Mark
Lam Guo Wei
Lim Jun Jie
Lim Ying Xian Serene
Loh Kee Chuan
Quek Rayner
Seah Wan Din
Sim Chai Lin
Soo Wei Ni Winnie
Tan Chun Sir Daniel
Vishal Gulabari Samtani
Lai Yu Zheng Felix
Tan Wei Xuan Xanthus
Kok Mui Cheng Esther
Lee Xin Qian Marcus
Seow Siew Choon
Tan Jing Ying Xavier
Im Wai Hoe Peter
Muthurazan Karthikeya
Neo Kah Beng Jonathan
Tong Jia Heng
Ang Jia Jun Daryl
Ang Jia Wei Darren
Koh Gerald
Koh Gerick
Kwan Wai Leong
Lee Kai Lun Kelvin
Nam Yee Xuen
Ng Siew Eng Jaslin
Wan Kah Wor Marcus
Yap Teng Chiong
Yap Teng Chung
Yap Yoon Voon Raymond


Girlene mdm

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Classes cancelled in Year 2009

29 Aug - Zone 3, Laguna
(Due to National Tournament being held at Yishun Sports Hall)

Tournaments : 36th National - Programme and Team Managers' Meeting

The tentative programme and blank fixtures for the 36th National Pesta Sukan Taekwondo Championships are attached.

Representatives of participating affiliates are encouraged to print the documents and bring them along for the Team Mangers' Meeting and Drawing of Lots on Sunday 23 August 2009 at 2.30pm at the National Training Centre. All participating affiliates are expected to have at least a representative each at the meeting. During the meeting, important and helpful information will be provided. It will also be a good time for the representatives to raise any questions they may have.

29 Aug (Sat) 2pm ~ Young Junior ( 1 )
Ching I Ting
Yap Teng Chung
Yap Teng Chiong
Ang Jia Wei, Darren
Ang Jia Jun, Daryl
Wan Kah Wor, Marcus
Gerald Koh
30 Aug (Sun) 11am ~ Junior
Ching I Lok
30 Aug (Sun) 11am ~ Senior (Bantam)
Ong Zhi Hui, Catherine
Alex Teh Hao Yang
5 Sep (Sat) 2pm ~ Young Junior ( 2 )
Koh Gerick
Clement Soo U-Jie
Lee Kai Lun, Kevin
6 Sep (Sun) 11am ~ Senior (Fin , Fly , Feather) Look for Raider Baoling Mdm or Polo Sir
Benjamin Teo
Goh Ting Yeow, Joel
Kwan Wai Leong
Tan Meiqin

29 Aug (Sat) 1.45pm
~ Young Junior ( 1 )

30 Aug (Sun) 9.45am
~ Junior
~ Senior (Bantam)

5 Sep (Sat) 1.45pm
~ Young Junior ( 2 )

6 Sep (Sun) 9.45am
~ Senior (Fin , Fly , Feather , Light , Welter , Heavy Weight)
~ Youth
2) Young Junior ( 1 ) Female Red Belt Fly Weight ( 25 - 29.9 kg )
1 Ching I Ting

9) Young Junior ( 1 ) Male Red Belt Fin Weight ( under 24.9 kg )
16 Yap Teng Chung

10) Young Junior ( 1 ) Male Red Belt Fly Weight ( 25 - 29.9 kg )
10 Yap Teng Chiong

11) Young Junior ( 1 ) Male Red Belt Bantam Weight ( 30 - 34.9 kg )
12 Ang Jia Jun, Daryl

33) Junior Female Poom / Black Belt Feather Weight ( 46 - 48.9 kg )
4 Ching I Lok

113) Senior Male Black Belt Fly Weight ( 54 - 57.9 kg )
10 Benjamin Teo

106) Senior Male Red Belt Fin Weight ( under 53.9 kg ) #
2 Goh Ting Yeow, Joel

58) Senior Female Red Belt Bantam Weight ( 49 - 52.9 kg )
7 Ong Zhi Hui, Catherine

107) Senior Male Red Belt Fly Weight ( 54 - 57.9 kg )
4 Kwan Wai Leong

60) Senior Male Red Belt Bantam Weight ( 58 - 62.9 kg )
7 Alex Teh Hao Yang

80) Young Junior ( 2 ) Male Red Belt Light Weight ( 40 - 44.9 kg )
8 Koh Gerick

87) Young Junior ( 2 ) Male Poom Belt Feather Weight ( 35 - 39.9 kg )
13 Clement Soo U-Jie

95) Senior Female Red Belt Fly Weight ( 46 - 48.9 kg ) #
2 Tan Meiqin

80) Young Junior ( 2 ) Male Red Belt Light Weight ( 40 - 44.9 kg )
4 Lee Kai Lun, Kevin

12) Young Junior ( 1 ) Male Red Belt Feather Weight ( 35 - 39.9 kg )
3 Wan Kah Wor, Marcus

12) Young Junior ( 1 ) Male Red Belt Feather Weight ( 35 - 39.9 kg )
6 Gerald Koh

Girlene mdm

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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