Upgrading : Referee / Poom / Dan

Referee Class
Class 3P to 3 : 30 hours
Class 3 to 2 : 4 sanctioned tournaments
Class 2 to 1 : 3 national championships
Those, who aspire to move on to become international referees, are advised to have at least a 4th dan Kukkiwon certification
Application for Referee Promotion

Colour Belt
Centralised grading every 3 months, usually on the first Sunday of Jan, Apr, Jul & Oct of each year
(eligibility will be determined by Brian Sir, based on 75% attendance, attitude, Mock grading)
For Red 1 to Poom/Dan onwards grading, submit the following to Catherine Ong / Girlene mdm by the grading submission deadline, usually 1.5months before grading date.
1. 2 photo
2. Photocopy IC
3. $100
4. Form: Application for Poom or Dan grading - Form B
                     Application for Poom or Dan grading - by Googles doc
· 1st dan S$100.00

· 2nd dan S$150.00
· 3rd dan S$200.00
· 4th dan S$250.00
· 5th dan S$300.00
· 6th dan S$350.00
· 7th dan S$400.00

Conversion from Poom to Black
Upon attaining 15 years of age, STF Poom Belt holders are encouraged to submit the following for conversion to Black Belt as soon as possible.  This is because you can only convert or grade for 2nd Dan counting one year from the date you convert to 1st Dan.
Submission to Catherine Ong:
1. Form:Application for Poom Converstion to Black
2. Payment S$30
3. 2 passport photo
4. Photocopy IC
5. Photocopy poom belt card
For more info @STF website

Kukkiwon Certificate
STF members are given the priviledge of converting to Kukkiwon automatically without the need to do a separate international grading. Read on for more benefits of a Kukkiwon certifcate holder: http://zen-tkd.blogspot.com/2010/06/kukkiwon-certification-black-belts.html
Kukkiwon certificate
Submission to Catherine Ong:
1. Form:Application for International (Kukkiwon) Certificate
             Application for International (Kukkiwon) Certification-by Google Doc
2. Payment S$125
3. 3 passport photo
4. Photocopy IC
5. Photocopy black belt or poom belt card

· 1st dan S$125.00
· 2nd dan S$160.00
· 3rd dan S$210.00
· 4th dan S$265.00
· 5th dan S$525.00
· 6th dan S$615.00
· 7th dan S$790.00