Monday, August 30, 2010

Grading Preparation Workshop

The next grading preparation workshop will be held as follows.

Sunday 19 September 2010
2.00pm to 5.30pm (for participants below 15 years old)

6.00pm to 9.30pm (for participants 15 years old and above)
STF National Training Centre

Block 80 Lorong Limau


Singapore 320080
Dress Code
Certificate of Participation
Closing Date
Wednesday 15 September 2010
The workshop is open to red (senior and junior), poom and black belt holders.

The primary objective of workshop is to point out to participants their performance flaws and the areas they should work on from the examiners’ perspective. This will give the candidates a better chance of passing.

Coaches may use the information acquired by their students at the workshop as a basis to guide them for their grading.

During the workshop, participants will be briefed on the grading guidelines and the expectations of the examiners.

All candidates who have attended the workshop are reminded to submit a copy of the certification of participation with their grading applications. This is necessary for the examiners to give them special consideration, if required.

The registration form is attached.
Attached Files: Registration Form.pdf

Please note that if there are insufficient participants, the STF reserves the right to combine the 2 workshops to be held from 2.00pm to 5.30pm.

Note: Registration form and payment to be passed to Girlene Mdm by 4th Sept.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Attendance/Eligibilty for Grading

To find out if you are eligbile for upcoming grading

Refer to right hand column "Attendance/Eligibility for Grading"
or :

Minimum 75% attendance in past 3 months (or 9 sessions).

For Zone 3, if you have missed 3 lessons, you will see "warning" in the rightmost box.


Girlene mdm

Monday, August 23, 2010

Marcus Wan: Unarmed Combat certification

Marcus Wan attended and passed Level 1 unarmed combat course held by STF.

Although he attended the course alone, he made friends in the course. His initiative and willingness to learn is a learning point for all Zenders.

Girlene mdm

Class as usual on 11Sep'10


11 Sep, Sat - Class as usual due to few players involved in Nationals

Girlene mdm

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

YOG volunteerism at ICC - 15 to 19 Aug 2010

Brian Sir, Girlene mdm and Winnie Soo have been volunteering their Sundays-Thursday (15 Aug to 19 Aug 2010) to YOG Singapore in Taekwondo event.

Please join us in cheering for Team Singapore and all the young 14-17yrs old athletes from all over the world!

Brian Sir's fb

Girlene mdm's fb


Girlene mdm

Friendly match - 23Aug 7.30pm Turf City

For JH Kim friendly matches, details are as follows :

Date: 23 Aug 2010, Monday
Time: 7.30-10pm
Venue: Turf City (200 Turf Road)
Bring: Personal shin, forearm, groin, glove and mouth guards, body protector, head gear, full dobok, water bottle and towel.

The above friendly match are compulsory for green belts and above. Do take note! Failure to attend, please inform brian sir.

Girlene mdm

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Class cancelled in Sep10

4 Sep, Sat - Laguna / Zone 3 (National Tournament)
10 Sep, Fri - Zone 4 / NYP (Hari Raya Puasa)

11 Sep, Sat Class as usual due to few players involved in Nationals

A quick glance at year2010 Singapore Public Holidays For The Year 2010


Girlene mdm

Monday, August 9, 2010


Publication Date: August 05, 2010


SINGAPORE - Three-and-a-half months after his judo match, Tan Ser Yung, 16, is still in hospital, undergoing rehabilitation.

But the injury that led to a blood clot in his brain was not caused by any illegal moves on the mat, a committee of inquiry has found.

After examining a video recording of the entire contest, the committee set up by the Singapore Schools Sports Council (SSSC) concluded that not only had the bout been conducted in a "structured and orderly manner", with ample safety measures in place, but the rules and regulations were "more stringent" compared to "some international youth championships".

These investigation results were also corroborated by experts from judo federations in Japan and the Singapore Judo Federation, according to a Ministry of Education press release yesterday.

The release of the findings comes at a time when Ser Yung is "recovering well" at Ang Mo Kio Community Hospital, said his school principal Koh Thiam Seng. But the hospitalisation bills are piling up, and St Joseph's Institution is pitching in to help.

"The school has been encouraging and supporting Ser Yung and his family through frequent visits by teachers and students. The school has also undertaken a fund raising exercise to help Ser Yung and his family," said Mr Koh.

"To date, the school has raised about $75,000 from the students, parents, alumni and from his parish Church of St Mary of the Angels to help pay the medical expenses when required."

Besides Ser Yung, another sportsboy had been seriously injured earlier this year.

But a second committee convened to look into a rugby match in March could not conclusively determine when and how exactly Bedok Town Secondary student Adhe Noviello, 17, sustained his head injuries.

But the committee said the organisation and safety provisions for the match were "consistent" with matches played at the National Inter-School Rugby Championships 2010 Police Cup Under-17. It also noted that the referee had "carried out his duties in accordance with the protocols required, and was in control of the match".

According to the Education Ministry, as this is the first time such serious injuries have happened during inter-school games competitions, the SSSC has decided to provide financial assistance of $25,000 to each of the affected families to help defray the medical costs.

As for the "unsportsmanlike behaviour" displayed in a third sports incident earlier this year - a rugby tie between Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) and St Andrew's Secondary School - a discipline committee has recommended the guilty students be disqualified from school- and national-level sports awards.

In the more severe cases, the players are also banned from rugby activities for a year, said MOE.

The recommendations mirror moves taken by the schools after the incident.

But the committee also found the actions of the St Andrew's rugby coach to be unacceptable of a professional coach and recommended that the school take disciplinary action against him.
All copies must contain MediaCorp Press Ltd's copyright notice and any other notices provided therein.
Girlene mdm

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Friendly match - 8Aug 9am Tampines North CC hall

Zen friendly match with Acme for teenagers and children is finally agreed as follows:

Date: 8Aug'10 (Sunday)
Time: 9am
Venue: Tampines North CC
Meet at Hall
2 TAMPINES STREET 41, Singapore 529204
Bus No: 8,15,18,21,23,28,29,290,293

Full dobok, full gears (head, body, shin, forearm, groin, mouth and glove guards)

Brian Sir

Important Information - YOG Taekwondo Volunteer Deployment Schedule-13 to 19 August 2010

The YOG Taekwondo Volunteer Deployment Schedule is attached.

Please note that a REHEARSAL will be held on

Friday, 13 August 2010
from 2.00pm to 6.00pm
at Suntec International Convention Centre (SICC)Hall 401 ( ICC-H401).
ATTENDANCE IS COMPULSORY for all volunteers listed from S/No 1 to 23, that is those deployed to SICC.

Any volunteer who did not attend the rehearsal will have their accreditation pass invalidated.
All volunteers must report at the SICC (ICC-H402 / Back of House) during the competition period (15 to 19 August 2010 from 2.00pm to 9.00pm) at 12.00pm which is 2 hours before the commencement of the competiiton.

Volunteers are to report to their respective NTOs listed in the schedule on the rehearsal and competition days.

Girlene mdm

Coach induction course for coaches 22 Aug'10

The coach induction course for coaches who wish to obtain the professional coach pass will be held as follows

Date : Sunday 22 August 2010
Time : 2.30pm to 5.00pm
Place : National Training Centre
Fee : $50
Eligibility : STF Blackbelt holders
Closing date : Saturdayday 14 August 2010 (form and $ to Girlene mdm)

Participants who have successfully completed the course may apply for the appropriate coaching passes if they possess the relevant qualifications.

The passes not only entitle the holders the right to coach their players for the various STF-organized or sanctioned tournaments but also affirm that they are coaches with professional attitude.
The registration form is attached.

Girlene mdm

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Refunds for Melaka TKD trip

There is an average balance of S$100 each supporter and player to be refunded. Meanwhile, I am waiting for the hotel to send the charges to my credit card, before the final amount is computed. Latest to be settled by 14Aug.

Girlene mdm

POSB run for kids 2010

Calling all parents! Brian Sir and I are asking for people to join us at the 1.2km Kids Run event. We will be bringing Justin and Jet there!

For students who are above 13 years old, you can particpate in the 8.5km Competitive Run or 4.5km Fun Run.

Who are the kids we’re helping?
The money raised will be channelled to the North East CDC Lunch Box Fund, as well as to the less privileged primary school children in Pasir-Ris – Punggol GRC. You can make a difference in the lives of the children simply by running!

Serious runners can take part in the
8.5km Competitive Run
Fee: $30

Leisure runners can opt for the
4.5km Fun Run
Fee: $30.

You can also turn this into a family event by registering your children in the
1.2km Kids Run
Fee: $10
(This Run is only open to children 13 yrs old and below. Children under 7 years must be accompanied by one adult. Accompanying adult will also need to register for the 1.2km Kids Run.)

Run date: 19 Sep, Sunday
Time: 7am - 10.30am
Venue: Anchorvale Street
Closing: 21 Aug / 1st 5000 applicants

More info:

Girlene mdm

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Achievements from Malacca (Melaka) Invitation Tournament Trip 2010

We gained exposure, experience, cultural exchange and most importantly friendship among ZEN, NYP and Raiders!

Overall, all players returned home with a medal:

21 players with:

Gold medals brought back by:
1. Girlene Tan – Individual Female Poomsae Senior category (above 18 years old)
2. Marcus Wan, Poon Xiang Yuan, Andy Tan – Team Poomsae Junior category (14 years & below)
3. Lim You Jie – Kyorugi Category D - Children (below 11 years old)
4. Benroy Sajeev Choy – Kyorugi Category G – Minor (12-14 years old)
5. Crystal Cha Shi Ya – Kyorugi Category Feather - Open (above 18 years old)
6. Alex Teh Hao Yang – Kyorugi Category Bantam - Open (above 18 years old)

Silver medals by :
1. Ethan Wong – Individual Male Poomsae Children category (below 11 years old)
2. Ethan Wong, Lim You Jie, Tai Wen Bin – Team Poomsae Junior category (14 years & below)
3. Muthurajan Karthikeya Sankar Sree Ranjane – Individual Female Poomsae Children category (below 11 years old)
4. John Lam Guo Wei - Kyorugi Category Fly - Open (above 18 years old)
5. Jason Tan Toh Sheng - Kyorugi Category Welter - Open (above 18 years old)
6. Eric Sim - Kyorugi Category Middle - Open (above 18 years old)

Bronze medals by:
1. Andy Tan – Individual Poomsae Children category (below 11 years old)
2. Marcus Wan – Individual Poomsae Children category (below 11 years old)
3. Justin Peh – Individual Poomsae Children category (below 11 years old)
4. Muthurajan Karthikeya Sankar Sree Ranjane – Kyorugi Category E - CHILDREN CATEGORY (below 11years old)
5. Lim Jun Jie – Kyorugi Category Fly - Open (above 18 years old)
6. Jeffrey Teo Joo Hong – Kyorugi Category Fly - Open (above 18 years old)

Master Loh from TTSC welcomed all officials and players with a welcome dinner of local Melaka dishes on the night of arrival. Their warmth and close Kampung ties were reflected in the routines. TTSC students travelled all over the world, including Singapore and Scotland back to Melaka to help their club managed their annual event. Even the parents of the students were seen helping to coordinate and carry mats before and after the event.

Girlene mdm fb
Leng Kee fb
Crystal fb
Raiders Blog
Rei fb
STF website

On behalf of all the players, we sincerely thank all parents and supporters to spend time with us. Thank you, Sien and family for hosting us, and thank you TTSC for inviting us!

Girlene mdm