Monday, November 30, 2009

Article: Arthritis (Joint inflammations)

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), arthritis - joint inflammations including rheumatic aliments - occurs because of clogs in "qi" and blood flow, when body is affected by wind, dampness, cold and heat.

Here's an article on its prevention:
1. Exercise to build body constitution
Swimming is the best way to keep fit and not tax the joints.
Swim in afternoon when water is warmer and wipe dry quickly to prevent dampness from setting in.
Try stretching or taiji to ease blood and "qi" circulation & prevent body from stiffening further.

2. Balance diet
Avoid excessive red meat, seafood and alcohol for they are purine-rich food.
Consult physician for herbal remedies to boost kidney & liver, as these organs have a direct influence on tendons, ligaments and bones.

3. Keep your weight in check
Weights increase pressure on knee joints.
Weight loss can lower uric acid levels, thereby reducing risk of gout.

4. Develop "keep warm" habits
Wipe sweat dry after exercise.
Do not bath in cold water afterwards.
When caught in rain, hurry back for hot bath and change into dry clothes.
Wear long clothes when sleeping.
Make sure fan does not flow directly at you.
Avoid iced beverages.

5. Avoid wearing high heels
Constant wearing may injure joints in the knees, feet and back

6. Treat Sports injuries first
Sports injuries may cause arthritis over time due to existing weakness in ligaments, tendons and joints.
The internal disharmony will make body vulnerable to wind, damp, cold and heat

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Girlene mdm

Classes cancelled in Dec09

19 Dec, Sat - Adult class @Z3
25 Dec, Fri - Zone 4 / NYP
26 Dec, Sat - Laguna / Zone 3
01 Jan, Fri - Zone 4 / NYP (2010)

A quick glance at next year's Singapore Public Holidays For The Year 2010


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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Clement (Laguna) receives his Poom Belt Certificate

Girlene mdm

Snowing at the Mall

Little zenders went to the mall for a snow-"fight"

Group photo, kids!

Look here, take a photo!

Still moving!

Can't wait to play...

Brian Sir, give you some more foam...

Little fairies on "clouds"

I love "clouds"


Let me share with you some...

Foam gets in my eyes....

Little Santa
Look alike Santa
Ice creams

Washing up...

It's snowing in Singapore, what a sight!

Brian Sir washing the hair for his little zenders

Girlene mdm

Monday, November 23, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

21-Nov-09 Children's Charities Association: Christmas Fair 2009 demonstration

On 21 Nov'09, Zen & NYP, split into 2 groups:

Group 1:
10am, spent their Saturday morning rehearsing and proceeded to Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza for a demonstration.
It was a first outdoor demonstration for most of us. Excited, anxious and delighted.

1pm: Creative Poomsae; Planks destruction; Taekwon Aerobics 2pm: Creative Poomsae; Planks destruction; Taekwon Aerobics ; Self defence; 1 against 4

Group 2:
By 10am, Parents and other NYP students were already there with the stalls set up and started collecting ticket studs in exchange for food:
Delicious Nonya food; Famous Hot dog bun; Yummy Butter corn; Thirst-quash can drinks

By 3pm, all Nonya food were sold out with lots of long toasted french bread distributed. By 3.15pm Butter corns were sold out and NYP dug out more funds to buy a second pack. By 3.30pm, 2nd pack of butter corns are still sold out! By 4.30pm, NYP sold all Hot dog buns and can drinks -- "Motivation!"

A BIG thank-u to all those who participated, contributed, patronised. U made this day successful and raised funds and awareness for those with special needs!

Brian Sir and Girlene mdm are sooooooooooooooo proud of ALL of u.

ZEN TKD sold a total of S$1,200 worth of coupons.
Parents' stall raised $801.00!
NYP (Nanyang Polytechic) TKD stall raised $477!
Well done, everyone!

Girlene mdm

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Classes cancelled in Nov09

20 Nov - NYP
21 Nov - Laguna / Zone 3
27 Nov - Zone 4 / NYP

Serene Lim

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

STF Grading : Interview Questions for Candidates

In an effort to make taekwondo recognized as a character development sport, the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) had introduced pledge-taking for all its members before each training session.
It will not be enough because the pledge is meaningless if the words expressed in it are not understood and translated into deeds. For example, honesty is just a word if one understands it as just not telling lies. The STF wants its members to know that honesty means more than that and expects them to embrace the value.

To guide members towards being better persons and citizens, all red 1 (senior and junior) and 1st and 2nd poom and dan candidates will be required to be interviewed immediately after their practical tests from the January 2010 grading. All candidates must pass this new requirement to qualify for promotion.

For some questions, better answers are expected from senior candidates. The examiner will accept simple but correct answers from an 8-year old poom belt but not a 25-year old 2nd dan candidate. During this segment of the test, the examiner will also take into consideration the demeanor of the candidates.

The list of questions which the examiner will select from is attached to help candidates prepare for the test. The examiner reserves the right to ask any number of questions.

Interview questions:


STF Grading : ‘Dan’ Promotion Course

The Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) is concerned that ‘senior’ members especially coaches are holding grades that do not commensurate with their experiences, knowledge and skills. They have been in the art for tens of years and were, for some reasons, unable to take their grading regularly. Now many their juniors or, in some cases, their students are holding higher grades.

In a recent survey among some of the senior members, the STF found a need to take care of their interests by encouraging them to upgrade themselves.

A first ‘dan’ promotion course comprising lectures, training and exclusive promotion tests will be conducted specially for them. The details are as follows.
Dates : 21 & 28 March 2010 (Tentative)
Time : 6.00 to 9.00 pm
Venue : STF National Training Centre
Dress Code : ‘Dobok’

Course Fees :

1st dan to 2nd Dan - $200
2nd dan to 3rd Dan - $250
3rd dan to 4th Dan - $300
4th dan to 5th Dan - $350
5th dan to 6th Dan - $400
6th dan to 7th Dan - $500

Test : According to the normal grading requirements.
Registration : Same procedure adopted for ‘dan’ applicants in
the centralized grading.
Closing Date : 6 March 2010 (Tentative)

Candidates may apply for a maximum of a two-dan promotion if they meet the following time-frame for the grades.
1st to 3rd dan 4 years 6 months
2nd to 4th dan 6 years
3rd to 5th dan 8 years
4th to 6th dan 10 years
5th to 7th dan 12 years
The fee payable will be for both grades.

All applications are subjected to recommendations by the Chairman of the Board of Examiners in consultation with the other senior examiners and approval by STF President. Applicants may also be asked to attend an interview, if required.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

STF Local News : Foreign Coach Wanted

The Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) is looking for an experienced foreign coach to take charge of the national youth players preparing for the Youth Olympic Games and the national youth training squad.

If you have the qualifications and experiences and wish to play a primary role in the development of Singapore youth players, please apply by submitting your application and resume to the following by Tuesday 17 November 2009.

The PresidentSingapore Taekwondo Federation260A Tanjong Katong RoadSingapore 437048(Email: tkdf

In your application, please include your salary and other expectations and other information which you think will help you in the selection process.

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed in person or by phone.

The STF would like the position to be taken up by Tuesday 1 December 2009.
For more information, please email the STF or call Lim Teong Chin at 63451491.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bus will be chartered from Tampines Changkat Zone 3 training ground at 10am - 21Nov'09

Notice to all Zen & NYP students:

Brian Sir has chartered 2 buses leaving Tampines Changkat Zone 3 training ground (Basketball court Blk111) at 10am, to Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza on 21 Nov for the demonstration & back at 6pm. No cost will be passed on to you.

Show your love for the community, starting from Tampines.
~ help the younger kids up and down the bus
~ let the younger kids have a seat first
~ look after the young kids and make sure that they stay near the Zenders holding area at all times
~ watch out for your friends, remind them if their turn for the final minute's rehearsal at Ngee Ann City are called for by Sirs & Mdms
~ encourage onlookers to patronize the stalls
~ Finally, have fun while doing good!

Girlene Mdm

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Courses / Seminars : Attend Course to Prepare for Future Tournaments

With effect from 2010, all clubs shall be required to provide poomsae referees to qualify for participation in poomsae competitions organized by the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF). These competitions include the National Inter-School Taekwondo Championships which have been scheduled to be held at the end of April 2010 for B and C Divisions and end of May 2010 for A Division.

To assist clubs to build a pool of poomsae referees, the STF will be organizing a national poomsae referee course on 5, 6 and 12 December 2009. The details of the course are attached.

Day/Date/Time: Saturday 5 December 2009 (4.00pm to 10.00pm)
Sunday 6 December 2009 (4.00pm to 10.00pm)
Duration: 12 hours
Test: Theory – Saturday 12 December 2009 (5pm to 6pm)
Practical – Saturday 12 December 2009 (7pm onwards)

Closing Date for Registration: 30 November 2009
Venue :
STF National Training Centre
Blk 80 Lorong Limau
#04-191 Singapore 320080

Medium of Instruction : English
Registration Fee : $80.00 (Fees paid are not refundable unless the
application is rejected)

Course Requirements : Participants must have 100% attendance to be eligible
for the test.

Eligibility : Poomsae Coach Certification

STF post:

Girlene mdm

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Classes cancelled in Nov09

21 Nov - Laguna / Zone 3
27 Nov - Zone 4 / NYP

Girlene mdm