Saturday, November 21, 2009

21-Nov-09 Children's Charities Association: Christmas Fair 2009 demonstration

On 21 Nov'09, Zen & NYP, split into 2 groups:

Group 1:
10am, spent their Saturday morning rehearsing and proceeded to Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza for a demonstration.
It was a first outdoor demonstration for most of us. Excited, anxious and delighted.

1pm: Creative Poomsae; Planks destruction; Taekwon Aerobics 2pm: Creative Poomsae; Planks destruction; Taekwon Aerobics ; Self defence; 1 against 4

Group 2:
By 10am, Parents and other NYP students were already there with the stalls set up and started collecting ticket studs in exchange for food:
Delicious Nonya food; Famous Hot dog bun; Yummy Butter corn; Thirst-quash can drinks

By 3pm, all Nonya food were sold out with lots of long toasted french bread distributed. By 3.15pm Butter corns were sold out and NYP dug out more funds to buy a second pack. By 3.30pm, 2nd pack of butter corns are still sold out! By 4.30pm, NYP sold all Hot dog buns and can drinks -- "Motivation!"

A BIG thank-u to all those who participated, contributed, patronised. U made this day successful and raised funds and awareness for those with special needs!

Brian Sir and Girlene mdm are sooooooooooooooo proud of ALL of u.

ZEN TKD sold a total of S$1,200 worth of coupons.
Parents' stall raised $801.00!
NYP (Nanyang Polytechic) TKD stall raised $477!
Well done, everyone!

Girlene mdm

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