Monday, November 30, 2009

Article: Arthritis (Joint inflammations)

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), arthritis - joint inflammations including rheumatic aliments - occurs because of clogs in "qi" and blood flow, when body is affected by wind, dampness, cold and heat.

Here's an article on its prevention:
1. Exercise to build body constitution
Swimming is the best way to keep fit and not tax the joints.
Swim in afternoon when water is warmer and wipe dry quickly to prevent dampness from setting in.
Try stretching or taiji to ease blood and "qi" circulation & prevent body from stiffening further.

2. Balance diet
Avoid excessive red meat, seafood and alcohol for they are purine-rich food.
Consult physician for herbal remedies to boost kidney & liver, as these organs have a direct influence on tendons, ligaments and bones.

3. Keep your weight in check
Weights increase pressure on knee joints.
Weight loss can lower uric acid levels, thereby reducing risk of gout.

4. Develop "keep warm" habits
Wipe sweat dry after exercise.
Do not bath in cold water afterwards.
When caught in rain, hurry back for hot bath and change into dry clothes.
Wear long clothes when sleeping.
Make sure fan does not flow directly at you.
Avoid iced beverages.

5. Avoid wearing high heels
Constant wearing may injure joints in the knees, feet and back

6. Treat Sports injuries first
Sports injuries may cause arthritis over time due to existing weakness in ligaments, tendons and joints.
The internal disharmony will make body vulnerable to wind, damp, cold and heat

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