Thursday, May 27, 2010

YOG Self Defence course (Youth Sports Conference) @VJC

Gen, Ben, Alex, Girlene mdm and Poh Ling mdm conducted Beginner self defence for 2 sessions in 1 day, for a total of 100 participants.

~Vital points
~Arm lock/release

FB photo

Girlene mdm

Sunday, May 23, 2010

National Poomsae 2010 closes with a BASH!


It was finally "fun" to do poomsae! After months of hard work and non-stop practicing, we finally reach the day to "perform".

Thank you, supportive parents for sitting through the whole 2 days! Spending time with your family and supporting the kids (well, Girlene's mdm parents never seen her fought or competed...)

Thank you, Rayner and Michelle, for taking the scores
Thank you, Joey, Xanthe, Jessica, Wenxin, Marcus...for grabbing the meals (oopss, did I miss out anyone else)?
Thank you, SK, Ryan, Tim, Weeyong, ZX, ZY for babysitting my boys!

...and everyone who turned up and made this weekend livier!

STF's results
FB photo-Girlene
FB photo-with compliments from TP
Come on, send me the links to your photo!

Girlene mdm

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tournaments : National Poomsae Bout List

The schedule and list of competitors for the National Poomsae Championships will be staged on Saturday 22 May 2010 (1pm to 10pm) and Sunday 23 May 2010 (9am to 10pm).

The following categories will be completed on Saturday 22 May 2010.

■Individual Female (A and B Divisions) – S/N 1 to 14
■Pair – S/N 111 to 131

Prizes for the above categories will be presented at the end of the competition day.
STF website

On Duty : Rayner, Michelle, & Crystal has offered their help, thanks! For those who are not participating, please come down to support your peers and help out where possible.

13 Female Individual B Division Red1 3pax C16
- Final Sat 1855
2 Ching I Ting (Zone3)

33 Female Individual D Division Poom 26,13,8pax A2 A12 A35
- Preliminaries Sat 1330
Semi-Final Sat 1645

Final Sun 1410
6 Ching I Lok (Zone3)

41 Female Individual E Division Red2 5pax B18
- Final Sun 0920
5 Seah Wan Din (NYP)

42 Female Individual E Division Red1 7pax B19
- Final Sun 0930
1 Ko Wen Xin (NYP)
5 Catherine Ong Zhi Hui (NYP)

43 Female Individual E Division Black 18,9,8pax B1 A14 B20
Preliminaries Sat 1300
Semi-Final Sat 1735

Final Sun 0955
10 Jessica Peh (NYP)

48 Female Individual F Division Green5 2pax B23
Final Sun 1020
2 Janelle Tham (NYP)

53 Female Individual F Division Black 17,8pax A10 B26
Semi-Final Sat 1610
Final Sun 1035
14 Meiqin (NYP)

57 Female Individual G Division Black 4pax B28
Final Sun 1105
3 Girlene (Zone3)

59 Male Individual A Division Yellow8 5pax B30
Final Sun 1120
2 Tyler Cheng (Laguna)
4 Jet Peh (Zone3)

61 Male Individual A Division Blue4 1pax - no contest
Justin Peh

71 Male Individual B Division 14,8pax B10 B40
Semi-Final Sat 1645
Final Sun 1600
14 Yap Teng Chung (Zone3)

81 Male Individual C Division 32,16,8pax B2 C10 C22
Preliminaries Sat 1325
Semi-Final Sat 1630

Final Sun 1050
11 Koh Gerald (Zone3)
30 Wan Kah Wor Marcus (Zone3)
32 Yap Teng Chiong (Zone3)

91 Male Individual D Division 37,19,8pax C1 C8 C31
Preliminaries Sat 1300
Semi-Final Sat 1540

Final Sun 1335
14 Koh Gerick (Zone3)

95 Male Individual E Division Green6 8pax C34
Final Sun 1435
6 Ong Zhi Xian (NYP)

98 Male Individual E Division Blue3 3pax C37
Final Sun 1520
2 Lim Weihao Nicholas (Zone3)

99 Male Individual E Division Red2 5pax C38
Final Sun 1525
2 Lim Jun Jie (NYP)

100 Male Individual E Division Red1 10,8pax C6 C39
Semi-Final Sat 1520
Final Sun 1535
2 Cheiw Su Kheng (NYP)
5 Lee Xinqian Marcus (NYP)
9 Teh Hao Yong Alex (NYP)

101 Male Individual E Division Black 34,17,8pax C2 C9 C40
Preliminaries Sat 1350
Semi-Final Sat 1605
Final Sun 1600
29 Teo Benjamin (Zone3)

107 Male Individual F Division Black 9,8pax C7 C43
Semi-Final Sat 1530
Final Sun 1640
6 Brian (Zone3)

134 Pair E Division Red2 1pair - no contest
Lim Jun Jie
Seah Wan Din

135 Pair E Division Red1 1pair - no contest
Teh Hao Yong Alex
Ong Zhi Hui Catherine

136 Pair E Division Black 8pair BP1
Final Sat 1920
4 Nyang Bing Ru
Peh Jie Ying Jessica (NYP)
8 Teo Ben (Zone3)
Lai Hai Mei

137 Pair F Division Black 5pair BP2
Final Sat 1940
2 Brian (Zone3)
Girlene (Zone3)

163 Male Team C Division 7pair BT7
Final Sun 1935
5 Yap Teng Chiong (Zone3)
Poon Xiang Yuan
Tan Cheng Hueng Andy

169 Male Team E Division Red1 1Team - no contest
Teh Hao Yong Alex
Lee Xinqian Marcus
Cheiw Su Kheng

173 Family 13,8family CF1 AF2
Semi-Final Sun 1740
Final Sun 1930
9 Peh Jet (Zone3)
Tan Girlene (Zone3)
10 Peh Justin (Zone3)
Peh Brian (Zone3)

Please inform Brian Sir immediaetly , if you have signed up but your name is missing from the above list.

Girlene mdm

Results of 3 & 4 Apr'10 Centralised Grading

The following are awarded with a pass:

1 Leong Jun Wei - Double Promotion
2 Chua Siang Ern
3 Guo Xiao Ting
4 Guo Xiu Bin
S Ho Celine
5 Karthikeya Sankar Srepadmashiny
7 Poh Wee Yong
8 Rohan Malik
9 Soh Wan Ting Grace

10 Aryan Dubey
11 Cheng Tai Shun Tyler
12 Pet Kong Loke Jet
13 Tan Jia Le Timothy

14 Lee Zhuo Heng
15 Loh Junren Jared
16 Neelotpal Baran Syam
17 Shettigar Amisha Kirankumar
18 Triboulet Johnathan

19 Angela Susan George
20 Anjali Elsa George
21 Ho Jun Yuen Ryan
22 Ho Xueling Michelle
23 Li Fusen
24 Madeline Rachel Cope
25 Ngan Zheng Yi
26 Ong Hwee Ju Joey,
27 Ong Zhi Xian
28 Sean Michael Andriesz
29 Sim Chun You
30 Tayyibah Patel

31 Abdillah Hafiz
32 Cha Shi Ya, Crystal
33 Ho Kok Khong
34 Lee Wen Fa Johnny
35 Nurul Syahirah
36 Ryan David Abdriesz
37 Snigdha Bhupathi Raju
38 Tan Yongjun Matthew
39 Tham Sin Yee, Janelle

40 Justin Peh Kong Peng

41 Gan Qi Hui Genevieve
42 Lim Wei Hao Nicholas

43 Jahanzeb Shafiq
44 Lam Guo Wei, John
45 Lim Jun Jie
46 Lim Ying Xian Serene
47 Loh Kee Chuan
48 Seah Wan Din
49 Sim Chai Lin
50 Soo Wei Ni Winnie

51 Cheiw Su Kheng
52 Ko Wen Xin
53 Lee Xin Qian Marcus
54 Quek Wei Jie Rayner
55 Tshua Zhi Hao

56 Ching I Lok

Congratulations to all!

Specially to the Leong Jun Wei with double promotion (he won a complimentary upgraded belt) and I Lok upgraded to 2nd Poom (Junior Black Belt)!!

Girlene mdm *\o/*

Monday, May 17, 2010

Courses / Seminars : Grading Preparation Workshop

If you do not know what to expect for your important promotion test and want to find out, you should attend the next grading preparation workshop which will be held as follows.

Sunday 6 June 2010
2.00pm to 5.30pm (for participants below 15 years old)
6.00pm to 9.30pm (for participants 15 years old and above)
STF National Training Centre
Block 80 Lorong Limau
Singapore 320080
Dress Code
Certificate of Participation
Closing Date
Saturday 22 May 2010

The workshop is open to red (senior and junior), poom and black belt holders.

The primary objective of workshop is to point out to participants their performance flaws and the areas they should work on from the examiners’ perspective. This will give the candidates a better chance of passing.

Coaches may use the information acquired by their students at the workshop as a basis to guide them for their grading.

During the workshop, participants will be briefed on the grading guidelines and the expectations of the examiners.

All candidates who have attended the workshop are reminded to submit a copy of the certification of participation with their grading applications. This is necessary for the examiners to give them special consideration, if required.

The registration form is attached.

Registration Form - Registration Form.pdf

Please note that if there are insufficient participants, the STF reserves the right to combine the 2 workshops to be held from 2.00pm to 5.30pm.

Note: Please submit forms and registration fees to Brian Sir, on or before Saturday 22 May 2010. Thank you.

Tournaments : 2010 National Inter-School (A Division) Taekwondo Championships

Tournaments : 2010 National Inter-School (A Division) Taekwondo Championships

The 2010 National Inter-School (A Division) Taekwondo Championships will be held on Friday 21 May 2010 at Bedok Sports Hall.

The Competitors' List is attached.
Competitors' List - A Division Competitors' List.pdf

The STF wishes all participants and spectators an enjoyable and rewarding experience at the tournament.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

April to Jun 2010 Training fees are due

Outstanding namelist
April to Jun 2010 are due in early April. Please pay if your name is in above list.

Girlene mdm

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Class cancelled in Jun-Jul 2010

19 Jun - Zone 3 (STF D&D)

A quick glance at year2010 Singapore Public Holidays For The Year 2010


Girlene mdm