Saturday, May 26, 2012

Poomsae Tournament-9 & 10Jun

Please come to Toa Payoh to show your support for your fellow teammates.

Luv, Girlene mdm

Poomsae Coach Course (Sat 2 June 2012)-due 27May 5pm

Form & payment to Winnie by 27May 2012 12pm

Luv, Girlene mdm

Grading: Colour 5TH AUGUST 2012

Grading: Colour 5th August 2012


Midview Mock Grading
Date: 22th July 2012(Sat)
Time: 9am-1pm
Venue:  20 Sim Ming Lane, Midview City, #03-61, Singapore 573968
Attire: Full Dobok 
Please do not wear Full Dobok when you are:
~ on the way to Zen School
~ on the way home after grading

ACTUAL Grading
Date: 5th August 2012(Sun)
Time to reach: Before
We will conduct warm-up & run-through of the pattern before the grading.
Venue: 20 Sim Ming Lane, Midview City, #03-61, Singapore 573968
Meet: Zen Martial Arts & Fitness entrance

Nearest MRT: Bishan MRT
Bus: 52, 162, 410
Parking: Ample (free parking on weekend)
Attire: Plain white round-neck T-shirt for the ladies

More info: STF website

Attire: Plain white round-neck T-shirt for the ladies, full dobok for all

Wef from Jan 07, all ladies are required to wear plain white round-neck T-shirt beneath the dobok. Failing which, STF may stop the ladies from taking part of the grading.

(Wearing of Club Jersey is highly encouraged to ensure that students, especially young kids, will be easily identified if lost during transit, as there will be a lot of movement to shift from one location to another. And, to ensure that the uniform will be kept clean on the grading day.)

Green belters & above are reminded to bring their shin, forearm, & groin guards to the grading.

For red belters, you will be sent for grading provided that you have mastered all 4 patterns by 14July 2012.

Poom/Black, you are highly encouraged to attend this grading as your assistance to ZEN TKD is required for the grading to go on smoothly. Please bring along your personal shin, forearm and groin guards.

(No grading for those who couldnt meet 75% attendance)

Last payment date for Grading Fees: 15 JUNE 2012
If you have yet to pay grading fees by then, it would be $60 if you still wish to be graded.
Apr-Jun 2012 training fees and JULY'12 grading fees are due 15 June 2012.

Winnie Mdm

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Joel Sir obtains 2nd Dan

Congratulations to Zen's beloved Joel Sir upon obtaining his 2nd Dan Cert from Brian Sir!

We wish all Zenders the best in their Taekwondo promotion journey and continue to work hard!

Winnie Mdm

Monday, May 7, 2012


Dear Zenders,

April's Grading Result is Out!

Present Grade TEN(10)
1. Chi Yong Jia Eric
2. Chong Rui Jie David
3. George Jebinsumith Shawn Daniel
4. Jack Hartness
5.Josh Armstrong Chomiak
6. Phua You Xian Clarence
7. Savit Agarwal|
8. Shreya Kirankumar Shettigar
9. Toh Si Ying
10. Yeh Ci Li

Present Grade NINE(9)
11. Bhardwaj Anushka
12. Goh Jin Wu Kieran Marc
13. Halasz Dylan
14. Kim Sung Jun
15. Saksham Bhasin
16. Wong Juo Si Josh
17. Wong Si En Sean

Present Grade EIGHT(8)
18. Carlos German
19. Jaiganesh Prahlad
20. Pulaputra Venkata Anushka
21. Santiago German

Present Grade SEVEN(7)
22. Mardiyah Zulkifly
23. Karen Michelle F.Quirante (DOUBLE)
24. Chin Wei Liang
25. Ron Chua
26. Gahng Min Koo
27. Gan Wan Teck
28. Khoo Chun Fang
29. Lin Wei Juan
30. Ow Xinwen Krystal
31. Sathees Kumar s/o Sharmugam
32. Daltone Tan Wei Xun
33. Wong Li Yi
34. Yeo Heng Huat
35. Yeo Jian Jie
36. Zhang Hui Xin
37. Zhang Ziwei

Present Grade SIX (6)
38. Arya Sachdeva
39.Gee Brandon
40. Goh Jia Ying
41. Julian Edward Hartness
42. Sng Ming Han Mark
43. Tan Ser Han Alex

Present Grade FIVE (5)
44. Goh Cheng Ze
45. Tan Jing Kang
46. Zhang Hua Feng

Present Grade FOUR (4)
47. Low Yong Ming
48. Rohan Malik
49. Sok Gech Nay
50. Mandel Teo
51. Shawn Teo Xuan Wei
52. Xie Shu Ya
53. Zhang Shuai

Present Grade THREE (3)
54. Julian Chan
55. Jet Peh Kong Loke

Present Grade TWO(2)
56. Ho Jun Pierre Russell

Black Belt 1st Dan
57. Kua Ee Feng
58. Lim Jun Jie
59. Rayner Quek Wei Jie
60. John Lam Guo Wei
61. Xi Ting

Congratulations on the passes!

Love, Winnie

Friday, May 4, 2012

Class cancelled - May2012

1May (Tues) Labour Day - NYP
5May (Sat) Vesak Day- Laguna / Zone 3


Girlene mdm
Love, Girlene mdm