Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Singapore's 1st Online Sampling Hub!

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Girlene mdm

Class cancelled in Oct09

17 Oct - Zone 3

19 Oct - The Bayshore

More info: Singapore public holidays 2009

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NYP Captain Joey's Birthday Sep09

On 18Sep'09, the new NYP Committee gave Captain Joey a surprise Birthday Bash with the tiniest birthday cake-slice I have ever seen!

Happy Birthday, Joey!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Courses / Seminars : Poomsae Coach Course for Black Belts on 11Oct'09 (closing: 27Sep)

The next Poomsae Coach Course will be held as follows.
Date: Sunday 11 October 2009
Time: 3.00pm to 9.00pm
Place: Greatland Building
48, Lorong 21
Geylang #03-01
Singapore 388464
(STF Temporary Training Centre)
Dress Code: ‘Dobok’

: Theory and practical tests will be conducted at the end of the
: Poomsae Coach Certificate (Level 1) for successful
participants with NCAP Level 1 or Taekwondo Coaching
Qualification and
Poomsae Coach Certificate (Level 1P) for successful
participants without the coaching qualification

Fee: $50
Closing Date: 27 Sep, Sunday

The primary objectives of the Poomsae Coach Course are to qualify black belts as poomsae coaches and provided them the passport to become a full-fledged national poomsae referee.

Poomsae Referees will be important to clubs who plan participate in future National School Championships and National Poomsae Championships as all participating clubs will be required from next year to provide at least one poomsae referee to qualify for participation in poomsae competitions.

All clubs are advised to start planning early for their officiating needs.

Please pass your completed form and $50 to Brian Sir by 27 Sep'09.

The registration form is attached.

More info

Coaching Tips: Training Smarter

Coaches are constantly faced with the challenge of teaching various sports skills to their athletes within the limited time they have during training. Therefore, it is critical for coaches to structure their training sessions in a way that enables their athletes to learn the various skills as quickly as possible. Click on the below article to read on:
~Types of practice
~ How is each practice useful?
~When is a practice useful?

Coaching Tips: To stretch or not to stretch

Athletes commonly perform static stretching as part of warm-up routine before training or competitions with the belief that it will improve subsequent performance and reduce the risk of injury. However, these beliefs have little scientific support. Click on the article below to read on for more info:
~Does Static Stretching Improve Performance?
~Where Does Static Stretching Come In?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Grading: Sunday, 4 Oct 2009 Colour Belts Centralised Grading 10am

Mock Grading Date: 3 Oct 2009(Sat)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Tampines St 11
Bus No: 8 18 28 518

The colour belts centralised grading will be held on the above date.

We will conduct warm-up & run-through of the pattern before the grading.

Date: 4 Oct 2009(Sun)

Time: 10am

The grading is estimated to end around 12.30pm.

Venue: Toa Payoh Indoor Sports Hall

Meet: Main entrance (where there is a ticketing counter).

Parking: Very limited (pls park at HDB Hub 50cents per entry)

Attire: Plain white T-shirt for the ladies


Info on grading syllbus

Attire: Club Jersey & TKD pants
~ on 2 Oct (Fri), 3 Oct (Sat) training (No need to wear full dobok on the last training before grading)
~ on the way to Sports Hall before changing into full tobok
~ on the way home after grading

(Wearing of Club Jersey is highly encouraged to ensure that students, especially young kids, will be easily identified if lost during transit, as there will be a lot of movement to shift from one location to another. And, to ensure that the uniform will be kept clean on the grading day.)

Green belters & above are reminded to bring their shin, forearm, & groin guards to the grading.

For brown belters, you will be sent for grading provided that you have mastered all 5 patterns by 2 Oct 2009.

Wef from Jan 07, all ladies are required to wear plain white T-shirt beneath the tobok. Failing which, STF may stop the ladies from taking part of the grading.

Poom/Black, you are highly encouraged to attend this grading as your assistance to ZEN TKD is required for the grading to go on smoothly. Special note to Poom/Black assistants, there are 3 students going for 1st Dan on 3 Oct and 9 students going for 1st Poom on 4 Oct, as such your assistance is required.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at 91833965.

Warmest regards

Girlene mdm
Club President of ZEN TKD

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Teng Chiong fought at least 3 rounds to get National Gold Medal for ZEN TKD

Teng Chiong was awarded with a Poom Belt Dobok for fighting at least 3 rounds into Finals, clinching a Gold Medal for Zen Taekwondo Club.

Luv,Girlene mdm

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NYP AGM2009 cum New committee

On 15 Sep'09, Tuesday, the once a year important event was held

-AGM2009 and announcement of new committee formation-

Wenxin, Captain 2008-2009, delivered a touching speech where she touched on topics like the 20 over achivements & events (Camp, Clubcrawl, etc) held over the 12 months, the committee's devotion, her personal thanks and feelings about being the Captain throughout the year.

At the very end of her speech, she broke into tears, bringing the atmosphere to a sudden flush of sadness and 不舍.

Catherine, Vice-Captain 2008-2009, using hilarious slides, brought everyone through the culture of handing over the "baton", reminding the new committee the importance of their devotion, of upkeeping NYP TKD spirits.

Sandy, Treasurer 2008-2009, gave a clear presentation of the Receipts and Payments in a nutshell, reminding the new Treasurer to properly safeguard $ matters.

At the end of the presentation, the committee personally handed tokens of appreciation to Brian Sir, Chief Instructor and his assistant coaches, Girlene mdm, Polo Sir and Baoling mdm.

Little snacks passed around, with compliments from Girlene mdm

Brian sir also took this opportunity to thank the assistant coaches by presenting them Adidas Grand Master Black Belt dobok (with NYP logo, of course!)...




Congratulations to the following elect members being voted for the various positioins:

Joey - Captain
Leslie - Vice Captain
Fusen - Secretary
Janelle - Treasurer
Kee Chuan - Logistic
Daniel & Rayner - IT
Su Khieng - Event

Girlene mdm

Courses / Seminars : Poomsae Coach Upgrading Course on 27 Sep'09 2pm

The next Poomsae Coach Upgrading Course will be held on Sunday 27 September 2009 from 2.00pm to 5.00pm at the Temporary Training Centre at Greatland Building, 48 Lorong 21 Geylang, #03-01, Singapore 388464

Objectives- To provided opportunities for coaches to be better qualified and informed in poomsae.
- To help them to prepare for their upgrading.
- To equip them with the performance skills.
Contents- Introductory Taegeuk to Koryo Poomsae (Revision for all participants)
- Keumgang to Sipjin (Revision for Level 3 participants)
- Keumgang to Sipjin (Learning of the Poomsae for Level 2 participants)
- Jitae to Hansoo (Learning of the Poomsae for Level 3 participants)
Eligibility- Coaches with Level 1 or 2 qualifications
- Poom belts and Black belts who are interested in learning higher dan poomsae.
Dress Code- ‘Dobok’
Certification- Level 3 certification for Level 2 coaches
- Level 2 certification for Level 1 coaches
- Certificate of Participation for the rest
Fee- $30
Closing Date- Thursday 24 September 2009

In order to give the best learning experience for all participants, the Course Chairman reserves the right to separate the sessions for Level 2 and Level 3 participants if the response is overwhelming. If that happens, the time slots will be 2.00pm to 5.00pm for Level 2 and 5.30pm to 8.30pm for Level 3.
Applicants will hear from the Singapore Taekwondo Federation if the timing is changed. Otherwise, it will be 2.00pm to 5.00pm for all.

Please submit Form & $30 to Brian Sir by 19 Sep'09

For more info: STF web

Girlene mdm

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Taking the taekwondo pledge

“We, the members of Singapore Taekwondo Federation, pledge that
· we shall remain humble, honest and helpful at all times,
· we shall respect our elders, parents, coaches, seniors and one another regardless of race, language, class or creed,
· we shall believe in ourselves and persist no matter how great the challenge to achieve our noble aspirations,
· we shall develop our characters, qualities and abilities to serve our community and our country and
· we shall abide by the rules and regulations of taekwondo and the laws of Singapore.”

Members of the National Training Squad, TEAMgOLD and Assisi Warriors had started the practice of taking the taekwondo pledge before each training session.

To read on

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Benjamin teo- Bronze
Joel Goh- Silver
Meiqin- Gold
Joe- Bronze

The fighters did their best to put up a good fight for the National Tournament. Lets congratulate all of them once again!! =)

Accumulative medals:
3 Gold
2 Silver
7 Bronze

Sunday, September 6, 2009



Gerick- Bronze
Kevin- Bronze

Accumulative medals:
2 Gold
1 Silver
5 Bronze

Hearing Challenged Taekwondo Student ‘Fights’ for Singapore

Ivan is in the STF news!

Ivan Mok You Qiang, a hearing challenged taekwondo student from Zen TKD, boarded the plane bound for Chinese Taipei on 3 September 2009 to carry Singapore flag in the 21st Summer Deaflymopics Taipei 2009. He would be competing in the men’s under 58kg taekwondo event.

To read more:

Day 3 in Taipei Deaflympics

Singapore Flag is hung up there because we have an Ivan Mok fighter!

Coach Brian giving Player Ivan some scoring tips

Player Ivan (in blue) delivered and scored a beautiful turning kick

Gold: Turkey
Silver: Russia

Bronze: Hong Kong & Great Britian

Ivan Mok's (in blue) score
1st round : 0-2 lower by 2 points

By 2nd round : 3-3 tie (Ivan went all out, listen to Brian Sir's instruction and scored 3 points in 1 round!)

3rd round : Ivan played defensive, but it was more difficult to catch the opponent offguard this time, opponent won by 1 points, (3-4) video cos it was confiscated for safe-keeping by the security at the entrance =(

Stay tuned for more photo

Day 2 in Taipei Deaflympics

Official Deaflympics Player, Ivan Mok!

Final training at the official ground before tomorrow's competition

"Here I come"

Lots of self-disciplined:
Warming up on his own

Mission Completed!

(Brian Sir, the official coach, had to be in a technical meeting that clashes with the final training timetable allocated to Singapore)