Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 3 in Taipei Deaflympics

Singapore Flag is hung up there because we have an Ivan Mok fighter!

Coach Brian giving Player Ivan some scoring tips

Player Ivan (in blue) delivered and scored a beautiful turning kick

Gold: Turkey
Silver: Russia

Bronze: Hong Kong & Great Britian

Ivan Mok's (in blue) score
1st round : 0-2 lower by 2 points

By 2nd round : 3-3 tie (Ivan went all out, listen to Brian Sir's instruction and scored 3 points in 1 round!)

3rd round : Ivan played defensive, but it was more difficult to catch the opponent offguard this time, opponent won by 1 points, (3-4) video cos it was confiscated for safe-keeping by the security at the entrance =(

Stay tuned for more photo

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