Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NYP AGM2009 cum New committee

On 15 Sep'09, Tuesday, the once a year important event was held

-AGM2009 and announcement of new committee formation-

Wenxin, Captain 2008-2009, delivered a touching speech where she touched on topics like the 20 over achivements & events (Camp, Clubcrawl, etc) held over the 12 months, the committee's devotion, her personal thanks and feelings about being the Captain throughout the year.

At the very end of her speech, she broke into tears, bringing the atmosphere to a sudden flush of sadness and 不舍.

Catherine, Vice-Captain 2008-2009, using hilarious slides, brought everyone through the culture of handing over the "baton", reminding the new committee the importance of their devotion, of upkeeping NYP TKD spirits.

Sandy, Treasurer 2008-2009, gave a clear presentation of the Receipts and Payments in a nutshell, reminding the new Treasurer to properly safeguard $ matters.

At the end of the presentation, the committee personally handed tokens of appreciation to Brian Sir, Chief Instructor and his assistant coaches, Girlene mdm, Polo Sir and Baoling mdm.

Little snacks passed around, with compliments from Girlene mdm

Brian sir also took this opportunity to thank the assistant coaches by presenting them Adidas Grand Master Black Belt dobok (with NYP logo, of course!)...




Congratulations to the following elect members being voted for the various positioins:

Joey - Captain
Leslie - Vice Captain
Fusen - Secretary
Janelle - Treasurer
Kee Chuan - Logistic
Daniel & Rayner - IT
Su Khieng - Event

Girlene mdm

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