Friday, August 28, 2009

Colour belt grading 04 Oct'09 & Black Belt Grading 03 Oct'09 (Fees & Document due 5 Sep)

By 5 Sep'09, all documents and grading fees should have been paid to your instructor.

Students with more than 3 absent from main class are not allowed to go for grading. This ruling has been announced & explained in early Jan09, and is supported by STF.

Please also note the change in location for October 09 - Toa Payoh Sports Hall.

Please note the next grading date and venue. The exact time will be announced later.
Colour belts centralised grading 04 Oct
Stay tuned for the exact meeting time. The grading is estimated to last 2 hours.

Brown-2, above 15 years old, going for black belt grading 03 Oct

For ALL candidates who are going for Brown 1 & above, please have the following documents during submission:

a. 1 photocopy of the candidate’s Identity Card (front & back) / Birth Certificate (for candidate below age of 12)
b. 2 recent IC / passport photographs of the candidate
c. Form B (duly completed)

The last day of submission is on 05 Sept 2009 (SAT). Any submission after this date will be considered as LATE SUBMISSION.

6. Late submissions for candidates taking Brown 1 & above are to be done within two (2) weeks from 15 Sept 2009 (Tuesday). Submission beyond the grace period of two (2) weeks WILL NOT be accepted. An administrative fee will be charged accordingly for late submission. The charges are as follows:

Period of Late Submission
Administrative Fee Chargeable
1st subsequent week from last day of submission
(15 Sept 2009 – 21 Sept 2009)
SGD 10.00
2nd subsequent week from last day of submission
(22 Sept 2009 – 28 Sept 2009)
50% of the grading fee payable by candidates for their respective grades.

An administrative fee of SGD 5.00 will be charged for late submission of candidates taking all other grades except Brown 1 & above.

A roll call will be taken at 1.30pm for Brown 1 (Senior) candidates going for 1st dan and 2.30pm for 1st dan , 1st poom and higher candidates. Those who miss the roll call will be considered as ABSENT or LATECOMERS. Latecomers will not be graded.

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