Monday, December 28, 2009

Year End Party for Youth Zenders & NYP Committee at Girlene and Brian Sir's house - 27.12.09

Thank you to those who made time to join us. We hope you had a great time, just as we had!

Nic: Yeah, I had chopped a good seat
Ben: Wo! Hot!

Winnie: Just in time to pose

Crystal: Rayner grew horns
Rayner: Spam the veggie!

Nic: Iphone vs Omnia II

Winne - Joey: Come, let me help you...

Ben: Victory!
All: More efficient eat-standing up.

Spot the lovely couple

Nic: the great cook at work

Rayner: Sir! Help! Wind too strong
Sir: Let me light them up again

Happy Birthday, Serene!
Make a wish

Bite the candles!

Donuts from Janelle

Little gifts from all of you...
And a BIG THANK YOU to all those who came!
more photo: Nic's fb

(ooops...I didnt take photo of Kingston and Genevieve helping to clean up till 12.15am)

Girlene mdm

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