Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Post Grading fun...

It's the day after the grading again!
The most look forward training for all Zenders and NYP student.
Brian Sir will introduce new and fun ways of learning to defend one-self.


(1) Blocking techniques

Jet vs Tyler - just look at their stances! Pro!

Edgar vs Joshua - very serious, but having fun

Clement vs ZhiHao - Up, down, up, down, pretty fast!

(2) Push, balance, and over

Everyone is helping to lay the mat

One, two, three!

Joshua vs Edgar, with Brian Sir looking on.

Tyler vs Jet, and the winner is.......Tyler!

Matthew vs Clement

Clement vs Justin
Clement was the "King" of the day who won all 7 players!

Zone 3:
(1) Blocking techniques

Kevin helping to demonstate

Hit and Blocked!

Now, the rest...
Bigger target for bigger students

(2) Dog N Bone

Boundary - Once attacker (one holding the target) steps out of the green vertical border, considered "out".
Defending players cannot cross over opponent's green horizontal line
I-Lok, Captain, giving instructions

Daryl, first point!

I-Lok giving her best in getting Serene down!

Conference, conference...

Zhuo Heng - take and go!

Go, go, go!

Another conference...

Justin vs Jet

Jet, just one more finger away, stretched!

Tim vs Darren

Gerald - defending champion

Serene's team, doing tuck-jump, 7 vs 10


Agility Human blockers -
one half of the group stand as a block on the mat, while the other half dodge in and out

Intermediate stage - blockers move at the commands of Brian Sir

Advanced stage - Blockers move at their own speed
I am sure all of you will look forward to the next post grading fun. Meanwhile, we have lots of activities coming up in the new year. Stay tuned!

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