Friday, February 26, 2010

CNY visit to Brian Sir's house

On 21 Feb, Brian Sir invited all Zenders and NYP to his house, a tradition he has been observing since 3 years ago.

We were sad that none of the young Zenders can make it that day. Nevertheless, we have a big cosy group with the energetic youngsters playing cards-Rule 1: No Tshirt, Rule 2: Ladies - Skirt or dress only

Sushi and other goodies

Ladies in black

Wealth distribution time

Why is everyone crowding here?
Ah-ha, Choco fondue, that's why!

Thank you Winnie, for carrying the ice all the way to level 5

Whose fingers?

We all had a great time, it was no wonder why Sir made everyone dressed up that day. We are forever in Tshirt, TKD dobok. Finally we get to see each other dressed up!

Girlene mdm

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