Sunday, September 12, 2010

National Tournament 2010 - 4, 5,11,12 Sep results

National Tournament 2010

Brian Sir led 3 teams this year, Zen, NYP TKD and Safsa. None of the partcipant went home empty-handed. They took with them either a medal or at least rich experience that will see them through the TKD journey.

Players who fought with their best, also earned friendships with other clubs.

Gold Medalists:

  1. Cornelyus (S)
  2. Marcus Lee (N)
  3. Marcus Wan (Z)
  4. Rayner Quek (N)
  5. Ron (S)
  6. Serene (Z)

Silver Medalists:

  1. Chai Lin (N)
  2. I-Lok (Z)
  3. Nic Lim (TP)

Bronze Medalists:

  1. Benjamin Teo (S)
  2. John (N)
  3. Jonathan (S)
  4. Junjie (N)
  5. Eric Sim (N)
  6. Jeffrey (S)
  7. I-Ting (Z)
  8. Teng Chiong (Z)

Congratulations to all the medalists and Xanthe and Girlene mdm for clinching the Best Rookie and Best Female Referee this year!


Girlene mdm

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