Friday, July 15, 2011

Sports Wellness Programme : Post Review

Brian Sir & Girlene Mdm attended this informative talk and the following information is what Mdm noted down to share with all of us.

Exercise as prevention to musculoskeletal injuries

How common are injuries.
25% w injuries

17% Sedentary

23% knee
14% foot
10% back
6% shoulder
47% others

Things that contribute to injuries
-poor posture , static , dynamic
-muscle imbalance
-cardiovascular fitness
-poor eqpt, high heels

Balance posture
-allows wt of body to b evenly distributed thru it's joint
-each component of the body functions efficiency

Shoulder hip knee ankle joints vertically aligned with gravity line
Pelvis in neutral

creates abnormal loading forces on the joints, soft tissues, muscles
Overuse or overloading

In order to function optimally, the muscular system needs to have

Cardiovascular fitness
- efficiency of delivering oxygen to heart

poor bal-> daily exercise-> abnormal loading n stress -> compensation -> joint n tissue strain-> pain -> poor bal

Chronic pain
Pain-> disuse -> decondition

1. Why youngsters collapse after running
- generally exercise reduce heart attack risk, bcos after exercise, blood vessel unclogged
- health risk vs expose risk
- there is a special group of <35yrs who had genetic problem, thick heart. This group should not expose themselves at all.

2. Vitrases glucosamine
500mg x3
Then rest 3 months "drug holiday"

3. Bone spur at the hip, how did it occur
Unlikely to occur at young age, so is probably of the impact, thigh bone hit the hip, can try physio, modify exercise to stop the trigger,
Surgery can at most recover 90% for youngster. But definitely not back to norm.
Bone structure posture can play a part. Over a period of time it can create pain, can it have other problem, other muscles problem could also help to give optimal movement.
Recurrence can b possible, unless u change your lifestyle.

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