Saturday, November 5, 2011

Grading requirements for Blue - Black belts

Requirements for Zen Senior Grading

BLUE  → RED belt

1.       One Page Essay: The importance of “Respect” in Tae Kwon Do

          One real life example how you show respect to anyone.


1.       One Page Essay: The importance of “Responsibility” in Tae Kwon Do

One real life example on what is your responsibility in Tae Kwon Do


1.       Application form with the required fills filled it. Parents signature is required if student is under 21 years old

2.       2 latest passport sized photos

3.       Photocopy of Birth certificate, Passport or NRIC

4.       Essay: “My Development as a Tae Kwon Do Leader”
Write an essay on how Tae Kwon Do has affected your life, and what type of leadership role you will take on.
The essay should be more than one page.

5.       Participation in any tournament for Poomsae & Sparring

6.       Letter of recommendation (from a senior)
Your senior belts have served as training partners and role models throughout your training. Now, they are anxiously awaiting your promotion to Blackbelt & to face the challenges of advanced curriculum together

Request one of your Senior Belts to write a letter of recommendation in support of your promotion.

6.       Letter of recommendation (from a junior)       
As a senior belt in the school, you are looked up to by many of your junior belts and classmates. This is an opportunity for you to involve them in your training.

Ask a junior belt to write a letter in support of why you should be promoted to Black Belt and ask why they feel that way.

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