Monday, January 9, 2012

Grading: 5 Feb 2012 colour and poom belt

Mock Grading
Date: 4 Feb 2012(Sat)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Tampines St 11
Bus No: 8 17 18 28 34 39 59 518 / Tampines MRT
Attire: Club Jersey & TKD pants
~ on 3 Feb (Fri), 4 Feb (Sat) trainings (No need to wear full dobok on the final training before grading)
~ on the way to Sports Hall before changing into full dobok
~ on the way home after grading

Actual Grading
Date: 5 Feb 2011(Sun)
Time: 8.30am (junior belts will be able to leave for home even earlier)
We will conduct warm-up & run-through of the pattern before the grading.
Venue: Kallang Community Centre
Meet: Kallang CC
Nearest MRT: Boon Keng MRT Station (NEL 9)
Bus: SBS 13 23 31 64 65 66 125 133 147 TIB985 857 at Boon Keng MRT Station (NEL 9) or Boon Keng Road (Blk 22) SBS 21 130 139

Info on grading syllbus
More info: STF website

Attire: Plain white round-neck T-shirt for the ladies, full dobok for all

Wef from Jan 07, all ladies are required to wear plain white round-neck T-shirt beneath the dobok. Failing which, STF may stop the ladies from taking part of the grading.

(Wearing of Club Jersey is highly encouraged to ensure that students, especially young kids, will be easily identified if lost during transit, as there will be a lot of movement to shift from one location to another. And, to ensure that the uniform will be kept clean on the grading day.)

Green belters & above are reminded to bring their shin, forearm, & groin guards to the grading.

For brown belters, you will be sent for grading provided that you have mastered all 4 patterns by 13 Jan 2012.

Poom/Black, you are highly encouraged to attend this grading as your assistance to ZEN TKD is required for the grading to go on smoothly. Please bring along your personal shin, forearm and groin guards.

Attendance/Eligibilty for Grading
(No grading for those who couldnt meet 75% attendance)

Last payment date for Grading Fees: 17 Dec 2011
If you have yet to pay Jan2012 grading fees by then, it would be $40 if you still wish to be graded.
Jan - Mar 2012 training fees and Jan'12 grading fees are due 17 Dec 2011.

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