Monday, June 11, 2012

National Poomsae 2012 Results

Dear Zenders!

Thank you for all the support and hard work that you have put in for National Poomsae 2012!

Zen is proud to announce the results from this competition!

8 GOLD (individual) 
Zuo Kun Xuan
Lee Miao Qiao
Joey Ong 
Hui Xin
Zi Wei
Girlene Mdm

9 BRONZE (individual)
Ashley Kay
Lee Miao Ying
Ee Feng
Shi Min
Jip Mdm
Ryan Ho
Tyler Cheng
Brian Sir

3 SILVER (Team)
Shaine Lee
Ee Feng
Shi Min
4 GOLD (Pair)
Brian Sir
Girlene Mdm
Krystal Ow
Hui Xin

Family of 2
Brian Sir & Justin - Gold x2
Girlene Mdm & Jet - Silver x2

Congratulations to all the medalists! Let's work hard for even better results for the future competitions!

Winnie Mdm

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