Sunday, October 4, 2009

Photo: Post Oct09 grading lunch with NYP TKD

NYP TKD invites Zen instructors to Eighteen Chefs for the customary "Post Grading Lunch" on 4 Oct 09.

His love creation for her, so sweet!

Presenting Black Belt for Wen Xin, ex-Captain of NYP TKD, for the commitment & leadership she had demonstrated, with compliments from Brian Sir.

Presenting Adidas Black Belt Dobok to Alex of NYP TKD, for the Gold Medal clinched for Zen in National 2009 Tournament, after fighting for 3 matches or more, with compliments from Brian Sir.

Presenting Memory Book to Joe, ex-Treasurer of NYP TKD, before he goes into army, with compliments from NYP TKD current committee.

Signing above the dotted line for his commitment to Sandy, ex-Treasurer of NYP TKD...

Surprise birthday cake for Mun Yee, , with compliments from Wen Xin and Catherine.

Sandy & Janelle, ex & current Treasurer of NYP TKD, very serious in handing over documentations.
Girlene mdm

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