Monday, October 19, 2009

Post Grading fun...

Post grading lessons are traditionally special in ZEN TKD. Every student looked forward to this day, once a quarter, when poomsae, sparring, basic movements are put aside, in comes fun and creative self defence where not only motor skills are developed, bonding among Zenders emphasized.

This time, Brian Sir introduces movements and self defence adopted from <<永春拳>> Yong Chun Quan - a short distance defence.

Zone 3: Having fun with <永春拳> Sir kicked and students blocked

Sir punched and students blocked

That is how you counter an attack

And this...

Tap block and punch

Now, try against each other
--Darren vs Teng Chiong--

--Kevin vs Marcus--

--Daryl vs Gerick--

--Devan vs Gerald--

--Winnie vs Serene--

--Nic vs Crystal--

--Vina vs Lionel--

--Paul vs Zhuo Heng--

--Scree vs sis--
Followed up the Popular Dog N Bone!

Formulating the strategies

Justin's first point
--Daryl vs Lionel--

This is Massive work!

Panorama shot : Take and run!

Panorama shot : That is fast!

--Teng Chung vs Marcus--

--Jet vs Scree sis--

--New boy vs Justin--

Panorama shot
Video, Video, Video

NYP (calling for photos - any?):

Having fun with <永春拳>

and Captain's Ball
Girlene mdm

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