Saturday, October 2, 2010

Overseas Experiences - Sep 2010

On 23 & 24 Sep, Brian Sir and Girlene mdm went separately to Australia and Vietnam

Brian Sir brought Justin Peh to Melbourne's STA Australia Open Championship 2010. Justin participated in the Poomsae and Sparring and came back with a Gold and Silver medal respectively.

Brian Sir: "It was a good exposure for Justin for his first Sparring tournament is an overseas one, following the path of his dad!" Brian Sir was reminded of his first Sparring tournament in his life, in Malaysia.

He noted that the Australian organisers were very "flexible" and "understanding", so when participants travelled thousand miles to participate, so if there is no competitiors, they can adjust the weight categories instanteously to allow all participants to take part happily.

Australia fb photo 1
Australia fb photo 2
Australia fb photo 3

Girlene mdm flew to Vietnam's Go Vap Taekwondo Club Open 2010, together with 7 other referees.

Girlene mdm wants Mr Darren Lee Sir for giving the STF's Board of Referees the chance to go overseas to officiate before they turn International Referees: "It is not easy for him to gather people who are not under his club, make the necessary arrangement, take care of them throughout the journey, in the end all of us had great fun and bonded even tighter."

Girlene mdm: "The kids were fierce! We could see none but one defensive fighter throughout the tournament. All the other kids were attacking at the sound of "Kyeso" ("resume" in Korean language). One boy, 8 years old in particular, did not shed a tear when the opponent gave him a slamming kick right to the face. When I was counting to 8, he was ever-ready to return the kick back to his opponent. I can see fire in his eyes!"

Vietnam fb photo 1
Vietnam fb photo 2
Vietnam fb photo 3

Both trips were arranged at a short notice, but Brian Sir and Girlene mdm seized the chance as they understand that such experience do not come easy. They have a common goal when they are back in Singapore: To bring our students overseas more often for such exposure.

Thank you Benjamin and Joel, Alex, Catherine, and all blackbelts who came down to assist, for taking care of the classes when Brian Sir and Girlene mdm not around.

Girlene mdm

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