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Tournament: International (held at Malaysia) 2011

Zen Taekwondo has been invited by Traditional Taekwondo Sports Centre Melaka, Malaysia (TTSC) for Kyorugi (Sparring) and Poomsae, for 8th TTSC Invitation Championship 2011.

They are expecting competitors from Scotland, England, Ireland, Thailand, Singapore, India, West and East Malaysia.

DATE : 30th July 2011

VENUE : S.M.J.K (C) Notre Dame Hall, in Melaka, Malaysia

ORGANISER : Traditional Taekwondo Sports Centre

COMPETITION RULES : Conventional WTF Competition Rules

METHOD OF CONTEST : - Full knockout elimination
FOR SPARRING EVENT - (2 minutes X 3 rounds X 1 minute rest) for senior and junior category
- (1 1/5 minutes X 3 rounds X 1 minute rest) for minor and children category
*Time duration will be change if the current time duration is affecting the flow of the competition.
- Each club could send more than one team.
- If an athlete got seriously injured during the match, organizing committee will only give the best first aid and deliver him/her to the closest hospital. Committee does not assures the medical treatment cost for the injured athlete at the hospital. The medical treatment cost will be assured by his/her own team.
- Holder of Brown belt and above*

INDIVIDUAL POOMSAE : Individual event offers 4 categories:-
EVENT Senior category (above 18 years old)
Junior category (15-17 years old)
Minor category (12-14 years old)
Children category (below 11 years old)

Pair/Mixed Pair and Team event offers 2 categories:-
Senior category (above 15 years old)
Junior category (14 years & below)

Fees: (for Foreign participants only)
- Team Registration USD25 + accomodation + transport + meal (TBD)*
- Sparring/Kyorugi USD25 per person + accomodation + transport + meal (TBD)*
- Individual Poomsae USD25 per person + accomodation + transport + meal (TBD)*
- Pair Poomsae USD25 per person + accomodation + transport + meal (TBD)*
- Mix Poomsae USD25 per person + accomodation + transport + meal (TBD)*
- Team Poomsae USD25 per person + accomodation + transport + meal (TBD)*
- Pattern package USD50 per person + accomodation + transport + meal (TBD)*
(consist of all 4 pattern event)

(All payment to be submitted with participation form (PDF)
Payment by cash or cheque to “Tan Lee Fong Girlene in SGD)*

PROTECTIVE : a) Participants are encouraged to use their SPARRING own sparring equipments
b) The Organiser will not provide any vest, head
gear, and groin guard. All individuals are responsible for their own protective guards.

c) Soft protective guards for the forearm & shin
guard, body vest, head gear and mouth guard are compulsory during sparring events.

INSURANCE : Participants are advised to have a valid insurance coverage.
Those without any can buy their insurance coverage from the Organiser. Please produce us the insurance coverage during the registration

TRANSPORTATION Round trip airfare, ground transportation, accommodation, meals and miscellaneous expenses shall be borne by the respective participating states/clubs.

CLOSING DATE : The closing date for completed entry form (PDF) & payment to
Girlene mdm by 7May2011*, late entries will not be accepted.

* note that ZEN has raised the restriction limits in accordance to Singapore rules.
Children below 15years old has to be accompanied by a parent/guardian.
We will collect the payment on 3 & 4 Jun depending on the training days you are having.

Girlene mdm

More info:
* subject to changes, prior notification will be given

29th July 2010 @Hotel
3.00pm Registration of team
4.00pm Managers meeting

30th July 2010 @S.M.J.K (C) Notre Dame
8.00am Competition begins

10.00am Opening ceremony

10.30am Competition continues

1.00pm – 2.00pm LUNCH

2.00pm – 5.30pm Competition continues (Semi-finals & Finals)

5.30pm Prize giving

31st July 2010
Grandmaster Hwang In Sik seminar

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