Sunday, May 1, 2011

Zen and nyp are invited to Brian sir's chalet 2May2011

Where : Bungalow 2
Time : 5pm
Date : 2 May 2011
Food : BBQ

Shuttle bus
To take a Shuttle Bus from Pasir Ris MRT to Aloha Changi you need to take the Shuttle Bus to Aloha Loyang and then another to Aloha Changi

1. From Pasir Ris MRT to aloha Loyang
Pick up: Taxi stand facing the main road (near bicycle stands)
Time 4:15 5:15...

2. From aloha Loyang to aloha Changi (10 pax max)
Pick up: Outside Reception Office
Time 4:30 5:30...

Return bus
From aloha Changi to Pasir Ris MRT
Pick up: Outside Reception Office
Time 9:45pm (last bus)

Looking forward to see u there!

Girlene mdm

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