Tuesday, June 21, 2011

National Poomsae 2011 - Bout list arrangement

Dear Zenders,
Participants in National Poomsae 2011, please take note of your bout and timing for the competition. You will be required to report 1 hour before your estimated call time to Girlene Mdm. More information can be found below.

poomshttp://2.bp.blogspot.com/-kMUfg9lcmT4/TgQbVmOBnII/AAAAAAAACr4/bNHrB171d0Y/s1600/Picture1.pngae, tournament 2011


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  1. http://www.stf.sg/modules/news/visit.php?fileid=511

    Please check the full boutlist for any error and report to zentkd@hotmail.com (cc: winnie_soo@hotmail.com) immediately.

    These are the errors we found so far:
    B 17 51 Male Individual E - Division Red 1
    Chiew Su Kheng – not Chew Su Kheng

    B 19 67 Pair E - Division Green 5
    Chai Song Lim – not Chai Seng Lim

    C 20 169 Pair F - Division Red 2
    Seah Wan Din – not Seah Wen Din

    Girlene Mdm