Monday, March 8, 2010

Quote of the day

人与人之间的相处是要经营的, 不管是在那一层的关系。可是人总会给仇恨,误会, 利益, 把关系给弄疆了。原本要好的关系为什么会由喜欢变讨厌呢?因为优点而喜欢他们,发现缺点而讨厌他们吗?他们还是同一个人啊!其实是不是我们注意的焦点变了,太注意他们的缺失了,才使我们喜欢的人变得不喜欢!放下心中的不满吧!接受他们缺点的同时,他们也在接受我们的缺点!不是吗?人是没有十全十美的...

One must manage all levels and kinds of interpersonal relationships.
There will be times when the hatred, the misunderstanding, the benefit compromised the relationships.
Why would close friends become enemies or even strangers?
You used to like them because of their strength, but turns into hate, when you discover the shortcoming?
They are the same identical person!
Is it due to the change in our attention? Have we paid too much attention to their flaws, causing the person who we used to like to become who we do not like?
Put down the heart of disaffection! Accepts their shortcoming because at the same time, they are also accepting our shortcoming, isn't it? No one is perfect...

----Brian Sir----

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