Sunday, March 21, 2010

TOC Tournament medalists 2010

Fusen, Secretary, prepared a plague for TOC winners
Alex, Gold medalist for Kyurogi and Poomsae holding plague

Brian Sir has recently announced to ZEN and NYP:

Each medalist1 gets points (to achieve end of year Best Fighter & Best Poomsae) and cash rebate for their recent purchase of new Dobok in preparation of the tournament 4.

Gold = S$60
Silver = S$20

Gold = 10pts + 2
Silver = 5pts + 2
Bronze = 2pts + 2

1 Must have won at least one round to be eligible (ie default medalist are not counted)
2 Total scores achieved in all bouts

3 Players who represent their own school with pre-approval from Brian Sir is also eligible
4 Cash rebate only applicable if students purchased new Dobok in preparation of the tournament

Girlene mdm

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