Friday, April 23, 2010

NYP TKD Club Crawl 2010 - a big success!

This year, NYP's Club Crawl common objective is "HAPPINESS".

NYP TKD performed 6 items cheographed by Brian Sir:

Emotion & Nobody - both aerobics cheographed and performed by:
@ Girlene mdm, Poh Ling mdm, Catherine, Jessica, MeiQin, WenXin, Xanthe

Flying side kicks
@ SK, Alex, Zhengyi

"Bruce Lee" self defence
@ Rayner - SK, Rei, Junjie, Zhengyi

Ladies self defence
@ Catherine, Xanthe - SK, Junjie, Zhengyi

Planks destruction
@ WenXin, Jessica, ChunYu
Some of us suffered some injuries, in one way or the other, we picked ourselves, continue the rest of the performance to the best of our abilities. Mdms and Sirs are SOOOOOOOOO proud of you. Bravo! See you training tonight!

Message from Brian Sir:
"To my NYP, once again well done for the performance...especially to aerobics wonder-girls as they scrificed their sundays for countless weekends and took leave for this event...not to forget our background supporters, Wee yong and Michelle (pls let me know if i miss anyone out). This year, we've got 140 people registered from the Club Crawl. WELL DONE! Our next mission is to keep as many new blood as possible to stay with us. NYP GIVE MOTIVIATION!!!!!!!

FB photo:
1, 2, (from : FB)

Girlene mdm

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