Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tournaments : Family Event Introduced in Poomsae Championships 22/23May 2010

The National Poomsae Championships 2010 scheduled to be held on 22 and 23 May 2010 will include a family event.

This is to provide opportunities for taekwondo families to compete and enjoy the family bonding while training for the competition.

For this competition, 1st dan and higher participants are required to know more poomsae. This new requirement will make the competition for this category more interesting and provide greater challenge for the participants.

entry forms are attached.

Please pass the fees and completed forms to Brian Sir by 23 April.

- By 5.00pm on Friday 7 May 2010 at the STF Secretariat
- 22 May 2010 (Saturday) and 23 May 2010 (Sunday) at 9.00am at Bedok Sports Hall*
*The dates and venue for the competition is tentative as the Singapore Sports Council is unable to confirm the availability of the venue.

- Individual (By alphabetical order of the names of the participants)
- Pair/Team/Family (By alphabetical order of the names of the Clubs)
For the pair and team events, only 1 pair and 1 team are allowed for each division and category.
(In case of more than one pair or team, an internal ZEN TKD selection may be conducted)

There are 7 divisions – A (4 & 6 years old),
B (7 to 9 years old),
C (10 to 12 years old),
D (13 to 15 years old),
E (16 to 20 years old),
F (21 to 30 years old) and
G (31 years old and older)

Dan - 1st and higher (**Koryo/Keumgang/Taebaek)
Poom - 1st and higher (Koryo)
Red (BT) - Grade 1
Red - Grade 2
Blue (RT) - Grade 3
Blue - Grade 4
Green (BT) - Grade 5
Green - Grade 6
Yellow (GT) - Grade 7
Yellow - Grade 8
White (YT) - Grade 9
(Based on highest grade obtained on or before the April 2010 grading.)

$30 per team
$30 per family group
$20 per pair
$10 per individual

Medals will be awarded to eight finalists according to positions.

Girlene mdm

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